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Cofounder at Clubhouse (this app!) and Lydian Accelerator (non profit for fixing genetic diseases)

Cofounder at Clubhouse with @rohan. Previously founder at Highlight and other fun startup stuff. Thanks for being here!

Engineer, entrepreneur, investor, student.

a16z. Investor at clubhouse

Hi there! I host The Good Time Show every evening at 10pm PT w @aarthir. We talk tech, have had guests like Elon and Zuckerberg and in general, is a ...wait for it...good time! Text +1 415-322-7800 to get notified of upcoming guests and shows ( we never spam). Join the Good Time club below to get notified when we do a show. questions/suggestions: follow and send me a DM on Instagram at @sriramk I invest as a part of A16z. I used to run teams at Twitter, Snap and Facebook. I write at and @sriramk on Twitter.

Andreessen Horowitz Author of The Hard Thing About Hard Things and What You Do Is Who You Are

Virtual Dinner Party Host

Hi! Im a VC @ SignalFire & ex-editor of TechCrunch. Lets talk about the future! Go to for alerts about my Clubhouse shows, recordings, and takeaways. I host PressClub, where journalists, experts, and subjects of the news discuss the big stories. Past guests include the CEOs of Facebook, Spotify, Shopify, Signal, Substack, Instagram, & Postmates. Feedback? Building something special at seed to series B stage? Especially in the creator economy, ecommerce infra, collaboration, or telehealth? Reach out via Twitter. Newsletterin about social apps at Audio Collective member. Sponsorship/business inquiries: Im so grateful for your time :)

Founder and GP of @MoxxieVentures Co-founder of #ANGELS Mama to 3 & @tacopuppy #1 Clubhouse fan,

I am a Comedian that wants the best for My people!

Son of an undocumented immigrant. Now building: 776 Business Dad (now a podcast!) fighting for #paidfamilyleave for all Americans.

20VC Stride.VC Investor in: Clubhouse, Hopin, Roam Research, Linktree, Digits

Sometimes a vote is a prayer. Love rises from the ashes. To lead means to go first. When it gets harder to love, love harder. Place I work: CNN Company I lead: (1 Emmy + 2 Webbys) I truly love: My sons The Earth God (especially the black female version) How I nerd: Marvel (over DC) Star Wars (over Star Trek) Sci-Fi/Fantasy (over Horror/Zombie/Vampire) Books written: The Green-Collar Economy (2008: NYT Bestseller) Rebuild The Dream: A roadmap for progressives (2012: NYT Bestseller) Beyond The Messy Truth: How we came apart & how we come together (2017: NYT Bestseller) TEDs I talked: What If A U.S. Presidential Candidate Refuses To Concede? (#2 TED TALK OF 2020 > 6.5M views) The Economic Injustice of Plastic (2011) Organizations launched: (2019) (2011) (2008) (2005) (1996) Places I learned stuff: University of Tennessee at Martin (1990) The Yale Law School (1993) Princeton University (2010-2011) MIT Media Lab (2014-2016) Coolest bosses, so far: President Obama Prince Jay-Z

/ / / / @culturalleadershipfund / @ @. ://. - .

Nice to meet you


| | t @a16z On the corner .

Founder of Gumroad Funder at Clubhouse user #44

YouTube creatorhow to build a billion dollar Founder, Initialized CapitalForbes Midas List Top VCEarliest investor in Coinbase, Instacart, Patreon and 100+ startups now worth over $100 billion in market value Y Combinator Partner 2011-2015 - I created Bookface

Seed-stage fintech investor at Once danced in a Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande music video thanks to this app.

Math Guy. Host of The Portal.

Dreamer, builder, actor, producer, vc, product junky. Questions: Text me +1 319-519-0576

Founder of Product Hunt. Investing at Weekend Fund. Hi!

Good Vibes Magnet. Writer of dope shit. Father.

Building products is fun.

Technologist, founder.

Ex head of digital @ Nike, Revlon, Este Lauder. Board of directors at 3 companies. Operating Partner @AF Ventures. CMO of Ani Energy w Sway House. BA Harvard, MBA Columbia. *Swan Dive club! (follow the swan icon below) *Weekly office hours - Thu 3pm ET CPG, beauty, brands, strategy, marketing, ops. Love, laughter, adventure & kindness. 87 countries Contact me!

Head of Community + Content @ Clubhouse. Shoot me a text +1(310) 388-6226 Lebanese Okie living a cowgirl life. Ex-hooper, lawyer and banker. Former: JPMorgan, BeatsByDre,, Mario Testino, Gucci.

Texan-Indian. @ Clubhouse. Prev. EIR @ HBS, physician, writer, actor, investor, dilettante. DMs

#ANGELS cofounder,Partner at Lightspeed. Investor in Clubhouse, Cameo, Bird, Lambda School, Carta, Color, Digits, mmhmm, Shef, Threads, Vanta, Persona, Winnie, Forward, Runway, Level, Lovevery among others. Twitter, Netflix, UIUC ECE alum.

Co-Founder #ANGELS. GP at GV (Google Ventures). Previously at Twitter. My dogs name is Rex. Occassional ultra-runner. Investor in Gusto, Instacart, Coinbase, Color, Literati, Anchorage, Forward, Winnie and more.

Cantaloupe haters need to chill out. I do tech things and would rather talk to you about social science fiction, surprising or delightful things youve learned lately, and what makes you tick. Helping close the diversity gap in genetic research via - signup there for more info. Culturally confused Chinese German Ukrainian Jew from Hawaii with eternal Futterneid and a outlook. -(` )/ ( )/

Mondays at 5:30pm PT Housin Around | Talk Show Were BACK, baby! The iconic talk show that leaves you wondering why? but wanting MORE returns with a slate of new and familiar rotating co-hosts and bits. Oh, me? Just your classic built-a-career-in-tech-and-then-went-into-comedy situation. You get it! Comedy: videos and jokes just for YOU about work, life, my passion for granola and more! (on Twitter and Instagram @yayalexisgay) Non-Technical Podcast: interviews with influential folks from tech, media, business and beyond about everything *except* their resumes (iTunes, Spotify, etc. @NonTechnicalPod on Twitter) Work: previously ran Creator Partnerships and Biz Ops at Patreon Something new coming soon... follow along for the ride...

Partner at Initialized Capital, an early-stage venture fund based in San Francisco that was the seed investor in Coinbase, Patreon, Flexport, Ro, Rippling and more. Serve on Berkeleys affordable housing bond commission, SPURs board, CA YIMBY.

- - more-arator of & RIFF Radio - may have invented PTR - lets celebrate the small wins -

Software investor building the future of work for creators, freelancers & founders. Investor in Webflow, Hopin, Public. Here to learn & help angel investors.

First time in my life with the @sarah handle. Usually finding me @sarahtavel.

Advisor, investor, leadership & brand sherpa for consumer brands, franchises, and funds. Board of Directors: MilkBar, Slice, HumanCo SPAC Ex COO & President @FOCUSBrands (Cinnabon, Jamba Juice, Auntie Annes, Moes, Schlotzskys, McAlisters, Carvel). Writing: Checking In Speaking: leadership, navigating change, innovation, consumer brands, franchising, scaling companies, omni-channel product strategy Clubs: Leadership Lab Better Brands Club Club CPG Commerce Club Host weekly Office Hours Wed 9amPST/12pmPST: a weekly check-in on branding, big decisions, business strategy, building teams, and more! Its a mix of mentoring, business decisions workshop, and executive AMA. Giving: @UNfoundation @YGLVoices, Advocate for Womens Issues, Voting Rights, and Second Chances Drinking Coffee & Exploring w/ @daleyervin, Mom to Ocean & Arrow

I love bringing people together Leading International Expansion at On Deck - where top talent comes to accelerate their ideas and careers, surrounded by a world-class community. Former Director at The Family, where I spent 7 years helping build the French tech ecosystem. Before all that, I was a lawyer. Host of: Maison Club, the French weekly hangout Casa Club, the OG Latinx club On Deck Club, talking about creators Proud Dominican Living in Paris I was the 4th Clubhouse app icon

I love to learn about people. DMs on Twitter are open. Currently an angel investor and advisor to early stage and growth stage startups. Founder of Women in Product, former Head of Growth at Slack, former VC at Lightspeed Ventures.

Co-founder of Every, a writer collective focused on business I write a newsletter on the theory of business strategy called Divinations, and co-host a podcast about the passion economy called Means of Creation. Before this, I worked at Substack, Gimlet, and General Assembly in product roles. I also founded a visual storytelling app called Hardbound.

Intern @ Clubhouse.

Art/Tech. Founder of Standard Creative. Memetic Engineer. Fool. Say hi:


Clubhouse previously : Instagram Twitter Def Jam Complex Protect Your Magic

CEO @ Lambda School

Electric Capital | Serial entrepreneur Investor in Anchorage, Airtable, Aven, Bitwise, Boom, Cruise, Dapper/Cryptokitties, Figma, Literati, New Front, NEAR, Notion, Nova Credit, Pulley, Threads, and many more

Managing Partner at Precursor Ventures, long suffering Detroit sports fan and Chelsea supporter.

I invest in startups and I corgis

It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up! magazine Salt-n-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine Hangin pictures on my wall Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl I let my tape rock til my tape popped Smokin weed in Bambu, sippin on Private Stock Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack With the hat to match Remember Rappin Duke? Duh-ha, duh-ha You never thought that hip-hop would take it this far Now Im in the limelight cause I rhyme tight Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade Born sinner, the opposite of a winner Remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner Peace to Ron G, Brucie B, Kid Capri Funkmaster Flex, Lovebug Starski Im blowin up like you thought I would Call the crib, same number, same hood Its all good (Its all good) And if you dont know, now you know

on the hunt for the perfect bacon egg & cheese nyc

I really like people and the NY Jets .. oh and wine Honestly I just really enjoy kindness and practicality, self-awareness and empathy. I love competition and the game but I love the balance of being passionate about it but also knowing that its insignificancy. Yapping with people on this platform is a Great joy

founder @ kindred ventures early investor/advisor @ uber, coinbase, postmates, tonal, zymergen, color health, blue bottle coffee, humane, zora co-founder/creator @ bitski, soundtracking, imeem producing films, spinning records surfing, paddling, ocean conservation past...building startups, designing products, making mixtapes

Husband, Dad. Cofounder, #cultureclub on CH. Cofounder, Highsnobiety. Writer, culture critic, speaker. Cards, Cardteryx. Journalism, Northeastern. Believe in the youth of today.

Wrangler of misfits. Most often found running your boardroom or favorite nightclub. Currently: Managing Director + Partner @ Mother New York ex: WeWork, UnitedMasters, Google, Warner Recs, Viacom, and nightclub owner

Investor: Long Journey Ventures The Hello Kitty golfer. Im learning golf right now and Im decked from head to toe in Hello Kitty cuteness. I raise $ for charity and for on Have a weekly show on Friday 5pm PST with my pal David Mittelman. We work on solving unsolved cold cases and interview amazing people in the space. Join us!

Active listening. Music. Art. Culture. Nature. Perpetual motion. Big fan of Paul and Rohan! Founder/GP at Offline Ventures. Before Offline, spent time founding and operating at category-defining $Brands. Emojis of Note:

GP at Coatue. Founder at Roadtrip. Past: Lowercase Capital & CAA. @jesicaahlberg Louie Life is a potluck. Try to bring something to the table.

@hunterwalk on the tweets @homebrew on the (term) sheets

Once upon a time I was the CH app icon Guitarist/Singer-Songwriter Text me 323-676-0936 Host of the Cotton Club on Wednesday Co-Hosting Astro Pimpin on Saturday Love donations go to $iambomanibs or PayPal @bomanix and for the special fan experiences ask about $BOO coin Hit that Start A New Room if you wanna natal birth chart reading, a personal music performance, or just to hear the sounds of my rubiks cube. Digital Strategist I run @lit.spins & @newperspectiveparty

Biodegradable. Extended release.

Interested in technology.

vc @ spark capital, founder, east bay fanboy. Toys are not as innocent as they look. They are preludes to serious ideas. - Charles Eames

I like startups and Clubhouse. Im building Highlighter.

billionaire media tycoon and mayor of san francisco

From the bottom to the top and back again Twitch cofounder. Stockroom Attendant #2 at Shoot Your Shot. Clubhouse 50 under 50. Aspiring TikToker. Professional thirst trap. I want to be Garry Tan when I grow up. Listen to my podcast The Quest on all platforms. WOW$FAM $iamwowmoney

CEO and Founder, Local Laboratory. Co-founder #ANGELS. Slack. Twitter. Texas. Marin. Tacos. Hiking. What was the question?

Hello! My name is Kevin.


Global Starlink Operations @SpaceX. Angel investor. Formerly Opendoor. Side hustle:

Founder @dotdotdotmedia, @60minutes correspondent. Coffee drinker. Lover of nuance, curiosity, kindness.

Investor at Chapter One ( Before VP Product, Revenue at Tinder Twitter @jmj

Now: Founder, new stealth co. Past: Founder/CTO @livingsocial Writings:


I do some things. I know some people.

Co-founder of collaborative parenting start-up, Honeycomb. #Angels partner, @ChloeS on Twitter. Trying to keep my three little kids from ruining my Clubhouse conversations. No seriously, how are all you parents (ahem, dads) doing it?


VC at Draper Associates. Former journalist. Former engineer. I like books and funny stories.

I like to build things. @Foursquare @StockadeFC @StreetFC Dodgeball Dada x 2

Co-Founder & General Partner at Footwork Black Lives Matter

programming, philosophy, history, internet, startups, investing.

Reasonably well travelled off the beaten path. Current: Special Projects, 11th Hour Racing Team. Prior: Public Studio, Facebook (Product: built Groups, Video, Composer), Hot Potato (Founder/CEO), MLB Advanced Media (built Also: Sailing, photography, psychology, aviation, audio engineering, house music, )(, product design, cooking, Luftgekhlt, exploring in a variety of contexts, skiing, Stuyvesant, Happy to chat nostalgically about: NYC, early internet exploration, electronic music or just AMA...

The Joe Budden Network.

Investor in early stage companies via @boxgroup... investor in @plaid, @airtable, @warbyparker, @ro, @gooddog, @classpass, @mirror, @classpass, @flexport, and a lot of others - world class indoorsman... Former professor at Cornell Tech running Startup Studio Co-Founder of TechStars NYC Penn and NYU Law @davidtisch elsewhere... Emerging fund manager. Former investment banker, Current President and Cofounder, TBC-Capital. On-demand CFO, strategist and advisor to early stage companies. Creative at heart. Email: Hosting: Pitch Practice on Tuesdays at 8pm ET. Low stress, no pressure way to get feedback on your pitch from a community that only wants to see you win! CrowdHouse live crowdfunding show on Thursday at 8pm ET. Help Fest on Friday at 11am ET hosted by the Blk Founders Club


Marketing Maven Harvard Business School Alumnus CEO: Always Civil & Co-Host of Girl, I Guess Podcast Queens Gaming Advisory Board You can text me now at 908-913-8268!

Okay okay, so this last one's fake.. I'm not actually one of the top users on Clubhouse.. but I do control the algorithm behind this chart.. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ’ช